morloc is a functional programming language where functions are imported from foreign languages and unified through a common type system. The compiler generates the code needed to compose functions across languages and also to direct automation of mundane tasks such as data validation, type/format conversions, data caching, distributed computing, and file reading/writing. The ultimate goal is to develop morloc into a query language that returns optimized programs from an infinite “library” of functions and compositions of functions.

Import many implementations for a function from any supported language:

Declare one common type signature that describes many implementation-specific ones

Specify new programs by composing these general functions

Build executables and let the compiler optimize the choice of implementations

Haskell projects

Python packages on PyPi

R CRAN/rOpenSci packages


R Shiny apps

octoflushow (private) imports data generated by octofludb and produces interactive visuals and tables for subsetting/downloading data.


metaoku (app) was my grand vision for a means of sharing and visualizing data organized into normal folders. The project is described in my dissertation appendix. The project is basically dead now, but it seemed my approach to automatically visualizing data and my simlple data type-system are worth returning to at some point.

Orphan survey (app) is a Shiny visualization program for an unpublished orphan gene study I ran in grad school. Nothing come of it ultimately.


dnd (app) is a rudimentary dice probability app. Someday, when I feel sufficiently motivated, I’ll come back to it and expand the functionallity. Dice probability gets interesting when you start adding in advantage/disadvantage and other D&D shenanigans.


Small population survival (app) was a visualization app for a class project concerning how long a colony on a generation ship would survive before the proportion of females reched 0 or 1 and natural reproduction became impossible.


Genomics and orphan-gene sleuthing from grad-school